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Tips on How to Write a Second Grade Book Report

What is a Second-grade Book Report?

This is a question that is in many writers' minds. A second-grade report is a brief article that is written to describe a certain book. You are supposed to include the reaction you got from reading the book. As a writer, you may have to write several book reports. As a student writer, you will need all the help you can get. With help from your tutors, writing book reports will become so easy. Always start by organizing your work before beginning the writing process. Below is a guide to help you when writing a book report:

List All the Facts You Can get Regarding the Book.

This is the first step towards writing a book report. Just take a clean sheet of paper and write al the visible facts you can see. They may include the:

  • Book's title
  • The name of the author
  • The publisher's name
  • The publishing year

All this information can be found on the first page of the book.

Read the Book

The next step will be to read the book extensively. Do this as you note down some keywords and catch-phrases you may come across. Remember that all the information you write will be necessary when writing your report. For example, if the book you are reading is fictitious, you should make a list that includes the main characters, the problem or the circumstances they are in, and the method they use to solve that particular problem. If you are writing a report based on a biography, always state the nature of the book you are reading and all the fascinating themes the author included in the book.

Write Down Some of the Opinions you have Concerning the Book.

In this part, you are going to state how you felt after you read the book. Some of the questions you ask yourself include:

  1. I'm I contented with how the book is written.
  2. How did I feel after reading this book?
  3. Which parts do I like the most?
  4. Which parts do I dislike?
  5. Are there other people who could be interested in reading this book?

Always answer these questions Sincerely.

Compose a Rough Copy

When writing the report, always follow all the rules of writing an essay. Begin with writing your introduction. State all the facts you have come across when reading the book. The next step will be to with the body of your report. In the first paragraph, write a summary of the book. In the second paragraph, write about the opinions you have regarding the book. The last paragraph is always the conclusion. When writing the conclusion, write a short recap of all your main points associated with the book. It is always advisable to make a recommendation to someone you wish he/she reads the book. Mention their name.


Proofreading is always one of the main steps in writing an article. As you edit, check for all spelling and syntax blunders you may have made. You may also choose to ask your friends to proofread it on your behalf.

Write the Final Copy.

After you have corrected all the errors, take some time, and write the final copy now. Its always good to spellcheck the final copy too for any grammar errors.

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