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What Is a Case Study?

Case studies have become very influential in the marketing world. Every marketer loves creating these documents. A case study is usually an anecdote of how a customer used a given product and overcame a particular problem that they had been facing.

Keep in mind that a case study in marketing terms will always focus on the customer and the product in question. The main reason why these documents are written is usually to increase the sales of a particular product.

How to Write a Good Case Study

  1. Clearly understand the reason for creating this document – understand that even though this document will most likely be made with the need to increase sales in mind, it should be structured to focus on having people switch to your particular product. The main thing to remember here is that these articles are usually created for an already interested potential customer. They are not for swaying customers to a product they do not know. Case studies are written for already interested buyers who are familiar with the product. A case study needs to focus on having these knowledgeable customers to switch to the product under review.
  2. Make your case study relatable to as many customers as possible – even though you will be looking to make your case study interesting, you need to give it an angle that makes it relatable to most of the target market. This means that the story you write should be about issues that affect the majority of people. Realize that if you only focus on a niche affecting a few individuals, then the case study will not be significant.
  3. Have a proper structure for your case study – the importance of having the appropriate structure tells the readers your story correctly. This means that your case study has to have a beginning, a body and then finally, the end. This is the ideal structure that any case study has to follow.
  4. Include hard data in your article – even though the case study should essentially be an anecdote, it is essential to understand that most human beings relate properly to hard data. Therefore, as much as you are giving a story, it is critical to remember that you still need to place hard data in your paper. This will make it more relatable to your target market.
  5. Ensure that your business is only a support character in the study – it is elementary to think that since your company creates the product that solved a particular problem, you should be in equal terms with th4e customer in the story. However, understand that this is very wrong. Your company should only be a supposed character. The main story here is the customer. Always keep that in mind when crafting your case study.

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