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dissertation commitee

During your study at the university, you will confront a lot of various academy papers, which will go through hands and minds of many other people. Dissertation is one of the most important papers in your academic life. The success of your degree will depend on the success of your dissertation. You will need to protect it in front of dissertation committee. If you donÕt want to fail in front of everyone, make sure you rehearse your performance in front of your friends and family. Watch other people presenting their dissertation prior to the defense day. You will learn many new things about this process if you watch other people. Try to see how they act and use their body language and facial expressions. Yes, it is important to be put-together and feel confident during the defense. In such way you will not stutter in front of dissertation committee. But if you use too much of your body language, you risk looking unprofessional. Just like anything else, it is all about balance. Make sure you memorize your outline and the main part of the speech by heart. However, make sure you memorize it, but not the point when you are presenting it in a dull and monotonous way. As usual, the hardest part for your listeners is the commission, the special commission include a lot of members, who will be way more experienced and professional than you are. It will be harder to prove and defense your paper in front of them than any other professor. They will be the doctors or any other graduate people, so you need to put a lot of effort to impress them. Do not be afraid, if among your committee you find someone, who you do not know. It is likely that not only the people from your college or university will be there. Sometimes there will be the people from the other universities, so make sure that your knowledge is enough for dissertation defense. You must know and be able be deal with both the most basic and the most complicated concepts from your field of study. Try to show all your skills ability to the people from dissertation committee. Make sure that you are prepared enough to answer all the possible questions you might be asked. A solid preparation includes making a speech for your performance and knowing the answers for possible questions from your audience. The most important part, however, is having a good material and strong dissertation. No matter how hard you try to deliver a good defense, it wonÕt be successful if your original materials are not good enough. Right before you start, take a deep breathe in and out. Remember that dissertation committee are normal people just like you. They also have feelings and if your dissertation is good, they will not try to put it down. It is their job to take you through the dissertation defense process and they sincerely want you to succeed. Both you and the committee are doing a job and that is it. Even if you donÕt succeed, remember that it is just one time. DonÕt take it personally. Well, it is time for us to finish this article and for you to get ready to meet the dissertation committee. We wish you good luck and hope that you succeed!

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