Case Study Disadvantages

Shortcomings of the Case Study Research Design

A case study is one of the research methodologies employed to generate in-depth information regarding a complex phenomenon. It is essential to point out that the case study research methodology can be utilized in researching an event, an individual, or even a given group of people. It would be best to understand that case study is usually the chosen research design in many fields, especially those that fall under the social-science category.

Therefore as a student pursuing a course in the social sciences field, you will be required to write lots of case studies before graduating. To make sure that you grab maximum points when the time to do this assignment comes, it is best to familiarize yourself not only with the definition of a case study, you should always get intimate with the fundamentals of case study essay writing.

To assist you with this process, we will discuss some of the disadvantages that researchers face when using case study methodology as the primary data collection technique for their paper. This will help you intimately understand case studies, hence setting you on the right path to proper case study writing. Some of the main disadvantages of this research design include;

  1. Can be biased – even though you will be required to provide factual information as supportive evidence for every fact, it is essential to point out that it will eventually fall on you to decide what is authentic and what is not. This means that case studies can be easily influenced by the viewpoint and beliefs of the researcher.
  2. It takes time to evaluate collected material – compared to other data collection techniques; case study design can be time-consuming. This is because it takes the researcher longer to assess their data and decide what is good to use. Remember, it is straightforward for participants to give false information. Therefore, the researcher needs to take their time to ascertain the best pieces of data to utilize to make their study perfect.
  3. Works best for skilled researchers – it is essential to point out that when using the case study research methodology, the researcher is tasked with moderating the whole process. Where the researcher is skilled, they can be able to pick out a perfect target sample. Furthermore, they can easily get the needed information from the target sample, even where some participants are less talkative.
  4. It is labor-intensive – it is evident that utilizing the case study research methodology requires a hands-on approach from the researcher. The researcher also has to spend a lot of their time in the analysis face of the said process, which makes it highly labor-intensive.

When it comes to drafting this paper, the researcher first conducts interviews or observations of the phenomenon under study. After that, they come up with a report based on the information observed and its description according to the researcher's viewpoint. This is essentially what a case study is. Keep in mind that a personal interpretation of the central phenomenon under investigation is the primary purpose of drafting this paper.

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