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Book Report Writing Skills: Cutting Research Time in Half

How to Shorten Your Research Process

A complicated writing a book report is the research process. Most students end up procrastinating with their book reports. It only increases the pressure of delivering a quality paper with a thorough research process. You can stand to provide another alternative for your case.

Most students find it a daunting task when it comes to arranging your citations while adequately citing it. The research methods end up taking up much time that interrupts a college student's daily social life. 

Research Basics

The first part towards shortening the time spent on research in understanding the basics of research. The research process is complex and involves various activities. Most of these activities end up becoming time-consuming. Below is a breakdown of vital parts of the research process that goes a long way in saving time for your research. 

Parts of Research Process

Most students fetch low marks on a paper because most students fetch low marks. After all, they are unable to commit time to develop essential parts of the research. Here is a roundup of crucial sections you need to focus your time on when writing research;

  • Prewriting and initial draft
  • Research
  • Final draft with editing

Writing Process

The traditional research writing process included going to the library and sorting through thousands of catalogues to collect information. It involves citing information page by page. It only ends up eating into your time for presenting your document when facing an early deadline. 

Most students in the current generation do not understand the tools they can use during their research. Do not start to search through sites that post information relating to your study area. Most students follow by applying the necessary citations and format for the document. It is the perfect way to earn low grades for your paper. You can try other tips to help execute this method.

Where to Start? 

The library is the right starting place, but it will take much of your time. Before accessing your campus library, it is advisable to complete a significant part of your research while in your dorm. Ensure you work with a trusted site to source information for the research. Google Scholar is the best part to start your research process. 

Is Google Scholar a Useful Tool?

Google Scholar should be your guide during the research process. Before subscribing to the service, here are essential reasons you should keep an eye out for it.

Credit Card Check

Some researches will demand your credit card input to access the research. If this is the case, you need to save the title. Furthermore, add the author and year of publication to check it out on the personal page.

Modify Your Research

Millions of researches available on Google Scholar makes it next to impossible to find your preferred research. It is recommended to specify your research from the search engines for better results.


Primary sources include personal statements and original documents with data collected. The other part majorly bases on the primary sources with other evaluations from other authors. 

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