A Proper Case Study Definition Psychology

Case Study Research Technique in Psychology

A case study is employed where a researcher wants to conduct an insightful and in-depth look into the subject study and ask about orderessay. This method is not only used where a group is under investigation. It can easily be used to research an event, an individual as well as a community.

Using the case study research method, the data collected is mainly biographical and is always based on the past of the phenomenon under study. When case studies are employed in psychology, they are primarily used in studying a single individual. Let us see some of the advantages that a case study brings when used in the field of psychology;

Allows for collecting richer input material – case study allows the researcher to gather more information than would have been available by employing other techniques. The researcher is there, and they can ask the individual understudy follow-up questions, hence getting extra information about what they are looking to fulfill with the paper.

Allows for the inclusion of scientific experiments as the research continues- where case studies are being conducted, it very easy to incorporate scientific studies in the research process. The researcher can engage the individual in an experiment and, in return, get more insightful information.

It is affordable – when compared to other research methodologies such as questionnaires, you will find out that case studies can be relatively inexpensive. For instance, in this case, the sample size is small, as only one individual is being interviewed. Therefore, the only expenses incurred in this case amount to the researcher’s transport costs when going to meet the interviewee.

It can be done remotely – when conducting a case study interview, you do not have to be there in person. You can easily make a phone call and get all the information in real-time.

It benefits both participants – in a case study, as the researcher engages with the participant, they can ask additional questions to get more data. On the other hand, this engagement helps the participant further their knowledge by clarifying anything they did not understand in the past.

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It is essential to point out that case study research usually requires a hands-on approach on the researcher’s part. He or she will be tasked with either observing or interviewing the study subject. The researcher then takes the data collected and writes a relevant case study.

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